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Fallen Earth: Horse with no name

Posted on: January 19, 2010

Wandering around sector one in Fallen Earth has a Western feel. I have a riding horse now and a duster. I aim to get a cowboy hat.

I am tempted by the atv questline and I know I will end up doing it and making one, but for now the horse is easy to keep and look after.

I have done the quests in midway (my starting area) then moved to clinton farm, now I am in boneclaw. Boneclaw is in a pit in the ground.

When I turned up and saw people huddled around the fires and the shacks I was shocked. How could they being doing that badly compared to midway and clinton farm? Then I found out it was CHOTO. Dumb Warrior culture means they are living in a pit in the ground, well thats realistic alright. Darwin in action right there.

All starting areas are pretty varied which is making the trek through them enjoyable.

Terance has a rep of being the worse place to start. I tried it in the beta so I am glad its going to be probably the 7th place I go to this time around.

In Clinton farm I also tried my first farm event, it got me a surgeons mask.  My weapon at the moment is a spear (looks like a sharped stick) before that I was using plank of wood.

I’ve two zip guns on my legs to add to that cowboy feel. At some point I’ll move to rifle as thats what I am leveling, but for now melee works.


4 Responses to "Fallen Earth: Horse with no name"

I started in Terance and to be honest it probably remains my favourite town so far. Depot 66 has a cool run down old themepark which runs it close I suppose.

As for melee, it always works well imo. My toon is a pistoleer but I’ll admit I did the cardinal sin of non cookie cutter spec and threw some points in melee. It saves my ammo for the tougher mobs my guy will come up against and means I’m not crafting 800+ bullets a night.

I’ve heard of a few higher levels with ranged weapons main and some off points in melee so I don’t think that will break your spec.

I’ve seen pictures of Depot 66 but not gone there yet. If you haven’t seen Clinton farm (which is well out of the way from terrance) I’d suggest going there before leaving sector one. Its got a nice atmosphere and a nice storyline. Its is worth seeing before riding north.

Hmm thanks for the heads up I dont think I’ve been there yet so will possibly take a little tour of there this week.

I played far too much over the weekend and am scared to log back on due to the amount of time I disapear into the game for. i cant actually remember playing any game for such extended period except perhaps vanilla WoW

Tell me what you think of the storyline and the place after you have seen it. Be careful of the pvp spot on the way thats near it.

I’ve also played it a lot in the last week. Its easy to get lost in.

I think its going to end up with eve/lotro level of subs. Only thing really holding it back is the lack of support for other languages. French and german players are managing with clan support, but a world channel for them would make them a lot happier.

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