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Ether Saga: Learning the game

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Since Ether Saga entered open beta (there was no character deletion between OB and live) character leveling and the game has changed a lot.

First leveling was slow with a lot of kill x quests, then character leveling was very fast to 40 (but if you leveled that fast you were left without spirit) and now its slowed again.

I don’t tend to level fast, especially since I like exploring and hopping in and out of games. So when leveling was speeded up I kept trying to solo dungeons for spirit (like apparently i could, but i kept dying). So not that its slowed down again I find myself still in the same position.

I wish that the starter guides were all removed and rewritten for the current state of the game, old advice that was once correct removed and current advice left there. I’d also like if the company gave more guides or spoke how they expect you to level.

I think I will give up trying for dungeons with their higher spirit drops and try mob farming for it. Perhaps I need a guild to point me the right way. Or perhaps I need to give up my melee class as they are underpowered compared to ranged.


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