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Fallen Earth: Guides and help

Posted on: January 4, 2010

This guide on starting out in fallen earth is worth a read. I always find that when your a new player in a game that those who have leveled to the cap or played for a long time have some useful advise to point you in the right way.

However the only issue with following advise like this is, I don’t feel like I know enough to follow it.

I suggest before you start assigning AP points you study the faction wheel and how this will affect the choices you have to make when assigning your AP, different factions have different key abilties that they train and special moves for called “Capstone Skills”. Then after you have a good idea of the faction/type of player you want to be visit the character planner and plan your build. You can find it on the Globaltech Atlas website. Your faction will determine who your allies and enemies are on the battlefield, so be careful.

I don’t yet know enough to know what faction I want to join. I was planning staying neutral until I had done most of the neutral content and then joining a faction.

From the articles advise it also suggests I should join a guild that matches my faction.

A lot are also saying to save AP and spend it when you are sure you need it. I have not been doing that but I can start now.

Some useful Q&A

How do you read the in game guide?
Type /support. It will open a the in game knowledge base as a window within the game where you will find a lot of useful information. Everything from how to get a horse, different types of vaults, crafting, factions, combat, support, advancement, and more.

What else can I use for help?
There is a help channel, guilds that will help you, the tutorial and extended tutorial and the help tips.

What are the HazMat Team?
Player volunteers to help new players.

Any help planning my character?
This is heavily recommended by more experienced players.
However it does look rather complex.


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