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Free Realms: Party planners

Posted on: December 31, 2009

I did not know that as a member you can talk to the party planners.

Thats a really nice idea for when your throwing a party.

If you’re a Member looking to throw a party in Free Realms, you will want to talk to the Party Planners.

The Party Planners are your gateway to awesome new party locations located in special locations across the world. These party areas are decorated with balloons and even a cake with special abilities. Anyone that clicks on the cake will receive a temporary illusion to help them get into the spirit of the party.

The Party Planners will only talk to Members, but if you have a friend who is not a Member, they can teleport to your location inside the party. Invite as many friends as you want!

I need to throw more partys 🙂


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