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Lotro: Game culture

Posted on: December 30, 2009

Some of the culture in Lord of the rings online, I find strange.

For example in Lotro, the players do not seem to be as aware that women and girls play the game as in the servers I played in, in wow. Its odd.

I am so used to the idea of that in any possible group or kin/guild situation for other games that its most likely a mixed group, possible with younger players. I keep running into people who assume everyone is male and that that there is no danger of young ears.

From all the time spent with married couples, single women and family friendly guilds/kins I think I will always assume the opposite.

At least the kinship I’m in has a woman guild leader and women officers. Normality 🙂

Another thing I notice in a barrows run is there does not seem to be as developed behavior philosophy, need only for main spec upgrade, greed for anything else.

I’m hoping the need before greed thing improves, because it was sad to see the tank need the trophy that dropped from the last boss barefaced. I was thinking why? why need? surely everyone should have a chance on that one.

Plus there isn’t the idea of saying before we go in, what the loot policy is. Thats a good idea. That should be used in every game for clarity.

For instance in Perfect World, its pretty basic notion to follow the tank, healer stay with the tank, don’t run off on your own. In lotro some one ran off on their own twice. So odd. Still in PW and in Lotro I have seen the tank run at their own speed, not waiting for the healer, not watching the healers mana/power, not allowing the healer any chance to loot.

le sigh

Well I can live with it, loot is pretty meanless anyway to the casual. But still it seems so dumb.

A video (its not lotro, but its catchy.. all the ninja raiders.. qqq)


2 Responses to "Lotro: Game culture"

Huh, which server are you on? I played on the (IIRC unofficially-designated) RP server, and people were a lot better about this kind of thing than I usually see in an MMO. On the other hand, I was in a (wonderful) LGBT guild, so my experience may have been slightly more positive than usual for the server.

I am on the european rp server (english speaking). My guild is a casual rp guild. I generally pug without other guildys though.

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