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Free Realms: News and links

Posted on: December 29, 2009

Free Realms boombox Wallpaper to download.

Free Realms combat system article.

Mmoquests writes about a little free realms.

From worlds in motion Free Realms is allowing real money trading. Had heard of this, was not sure if it was true. The facebook group seems to confirm this. You can register at https://exchange.livegamer.com/FreeRealms/sign_up.php

Also apparently the holiday tree will now fit in your apartment.

There is also news that Free realms is coming out for the ps3 next year.


3 Responses to "Free Realms: News and links"

Hello, Warhammer! I know that you’re a free realms xpert, and im looking for 1. I have a Poptdropica/Club Penguin Help blog ( Do you know of Poptropica.com or Club Penguin.com? Log on to those sites 2day) ANd i’m making it a Free Realms Help Blog 2. You’ll recieve an invite from me so think about it. But PLZ join my Blog!!!

Wait srry. I just realized that the invite is for non-Wordpress users so just reply to this comment if u want to Join my Blog. It’s called poptropicacpblog. Caio!!

I have never tried poptropica or club penguin. Is this your blog http://poptropica.wordpress.com/ ?

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