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Games I have loved in 2009

Posted on: December 27, 2009

Favorite Games

1. Lotro
My favorite game this year was probally lord of the rings. I have come back to it most often and spent most time pottering around in it.I have taken part in a few of the holiday events. I have a horse and a house and a guild I really like. I have several alts.

2. Free realms
I played a lot of this over the year. I enjoyed the halloween and yule holiday events. I have a house. I have two pets. I’ve leveled a few jobs to 20 and can now fish.

Games I liked but havent spent enough time playing.
1. Wizard 101
Great game, should have spent more time. Thinking of getting a yearly subscription

2. Fallen Earth
Got this for christmas but loved it in the beta

3. Perfect World.
Spent some time with a lovely guild. They have a new expansion out, but my barbarian is only 20, for shame.

4. EQ2
Its a great game. However I’m not sure what starter pack to buy on steam to start playing it again (from the trial) and right now I want to play other games more.

5. Eve
Enjoyed the quests and mining. I plan to go back to it.

Games that just didn’t grab me.
1. Conan. I think they have a stupid attitude to women with their game. I have their endless free trial and still havent turned it on.
2. Runes of Magic. Not enough to do beyond questing. There are more interesting worlds.
3. Warhammer. Nothing really to do beyond pvp, pve dull and depressing, little interesting plot.

And a few titles for games.

“Worst Game of the year (that I have played)”
Alganon (played beta). Poor rip off that costs subscription? Good luck with that.

“Most complex game to learn”
ff11, thats some difficulty curve right there.

“Casual game with super difficult mechanic holding it back”
Ether saga, why make getting enough spirit so tough?


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Happy New Year. to all of you guys.

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