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Free realms: Snowy fun

Posted on: December 18, 2009

I have been enjoying the snowy days festival in free realms. I have started the holiday questline, I am nearly at the end. I’m currently on the bit where you fight off the snowmen trying to steal from the holiday tree.

I have also been fighting the robgoblin’s making the snowmen. That little mini fight has a chance of dropping snow gear and I have been trying to get that. So far I have mostly won holiday cookies.

I have not had any luck with the christmas wheel yet either. I keep landing on non holiday items, so nothing cool yet.

I have taken some videos of snowhill during the festival and what Candi looks like and where the robgoblin fight is. So I might put them up either in their raw current state, or I’ll learn to edit them then put them up.


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