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Free Realms: Combat

Posted on: December 18, 2009

This video goes through in a pretty clear way the changes to the combat system.

The changes to the combat system have some positive things (weapons give new combat options, potions not as necessary) but also simplifies combat a lot. Also dungeons have lost their secondary objective which made them more interesting.


4 Responses to "Free Realms: Combat"

Keep it real dude, I’m a brawler and a ninja. Well I’m level 23 as brawler and I’m level 15 as a ninja. Pro tip: Become a chef and when you get to 9 then it connects a very strong soup that raises your attack up to 413 damage and turns you gigantic. Also you should put videos of you as a ninja.

23? the cap is 20? or do you mean 13?

I have chef maxed out so I must try that soup with my ninja. I have some videos from the holidays. However I would like to figure out how to tidy it up before i try posting them. We will see if I ever post it.

Hey that’s what I’m talking about, Hey I was thinking if I could meet
you on Free Realms. Probably battle you with my ninja because my
brawler is too strong. Hey why don’t you talk about Free Realms in the holiday forms? I’ll tell my friends to come over and comment.


How’d you get passed Queen Verda?

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