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DDO: Holiday bonuses

Posted on: December 18, 2009

DDO is giving some bonus XP for the holiday season. Which is very nice news if you intend to do some leveling.

Celebrate Festivult and ring in the New Year with bonus XP for all!

Starting today, December 17th, through Sunday January 3rd, all DDO Players will gain a 20% XP bonus in quests! This bonus stacks with Experience Elixirs! Happy Festivult!

I have not checked out Festivult at all yet. However I might take a look in during my days off.

What you need to do is to collect coins. Everyone can do this.

Throughout the holiday season, every treasure chest in the game has a chance of dropping “festival coins” in addition to the usual treasure! Whether the chest is in a free dungeon or an adventure pack, there is equal opportunity for coins! There are three types of coins: copper, silver, and gold. Copper is the most common festival coin, while gold is the most rare!

You can then hand them in for prizes.
Most of the prizes seem to be sweet and cookies and things.

There is also a chance at something better.

There is also a very small chance that the Festival Jester will give you an exceptional gift in exchange for your coins, but what those gifts might be you’ll just have to wait and see! Each gift does something special and we know you will love what our artificers and cooks have crafted for you this Festival Season!

They also have said that what things did last year, won’t be the same for this year.


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