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Free Realms: Snow days quests

Posted on: December 16, 2009

Zam already has a page up on the snow days quests, so if your stuck you can check it out.

The quest series starts with Candi Ivy in snowhill.

Quest Series
All quests begin in Snowhill.

1. The Gifting Tree from Candi Ivy
2. Present Problems from Candi Ivy
3. Holiday Cheer from Candi Ivy
4. Silversnow’s Sapling from Candi Ivy
5. Guarding the Gifting Tree from Candi Ivy
6. The Perfect Disguise from Candi Ivy
7. Robgoblin Robbery Ring from Candi Ivy
8. Snowmen Disassembly from Candi Ivy
9. An Unexpected Gift from Candi Ivy
10. Bye-Bye Supplies! from Candi Ivy

Curious Gift Baskets from Downey
Holiday Recital from Mayor Crystalline
Pretty Presents from Annabelle
Snowman Showdown from Everett

1 Response to "Free Realms: Snow days quests"

When does Candi Ivy come to Free Realms? I check a lot around the Giving Tree, but I can never find her?…

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