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Perfect World: Christmas Fashion and mounts

Posted on: December 7, 2009

Perfect world have released Yule fashion and two Reindeer mounts for sale.

The sale will run from December 2nd at 1:00am until January 1st at 1:00am, Server Time.

The two reindeer mounts are cute.

The Chromatic Reindeer is decked out in the most cheery saddle possible, and it’s antlers are big enough to you to hang your jacket on after coming in from a long day in the snow! You can literally see the holiday spirit sparkling around this glorious beast!

Okay, maybe Rudy takes the cake for the most cheerful adornments! The fluffiness of his saddle and hoof-warmers is unmatched! His kind eyes and big red nose could melt the coldest heart, if Scrooge had one of these he wouldn’t have needed to be frightened into kindness by those ghosts!


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