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Torchlight: Going down

Posted on: November 20, 2009

I was playing more torchlight last night. I played my alchemist (which is higher level) and the archer.

I was trying out the side quest dungeon maps that you can buy from the vendor.  One of the side quests gave the alchemist yellow shoulders and a yellow staff which was cool.

I also found out where the extra skill points where coming from. If you level up in fame, that you get for doing quests and killing champion monsters you get a skill point (the skill points are like talents). So that makes sense.

My Alchemist now has 4 imps, 1 cat that can summon a skeleton and a golem running around. Its mad but fun. Its a pity the pet doesn’t talk like in jade dynasty or ether saga. That would make it better.

I’ve been doing some fishing in the various pools. I have caught some boots and some various pet transforming foods. Apparently later in the game the change lasts longer and some last until you use another fish.

I’ve also found some hidden areas in the dungeon maps and the main dungeon which is fun. I’ve also started to hit levels where traps occur (or are occurring more often/noticeably?).

I have not tried the enchanter yet. I must at some point with something I don’t mind losing.

I have found one potion that gave an attribute point.

Helpful links
Torchlight FAQ


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