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Torchlight: Just enough Imps

Posted on: November 16, 2009

Got torchlight
Love torchlight
So much fun.

Running around as the alchemist with a cat and lots of imps. I’m building it with some str and lots of magic, def will probably be left at 10.

It plays very much like diablo but with some nice new features.

  • The pet runs back with loot to sell.
  • There is a shared chest between all your characters to share magic items.
  • More storage space than diablo (gold doesn’t take slots).
  • Nice graphics and smooth gameplay.
  • Easy is really easy, normal is a bit too easy for the experienced, and there is a hard core mode with permanent death. Pick a difficulty to suit you.
  • The talent builds really let you make a character to suit you.
  • You can use any weapons, armor or spells. However you will just use the ones you want to design the character to use.

Its really worth it for the 15 euros on steam, or the 20 dollars from perfect world.


1 Response to "Torchlight: Just enough Imps"

You missed the nicest thing about the difficulty – there are 4 levels, but hardcore permadeath mode is optional and can be enabled on any difficulty.

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