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Perfect World: Double xps leveling

Posted on: November 16, 2009

Was leveling with my guild this weekend, enjoying the double xps, double spirit and double drops.

Reached level 17 with my barbarian. Its not long now until the FB at 19. At 20 a basic flying mount in the shop appears to be available.

I think I am getting to the point where I can’t just teach the barbarian every skill. I am going to have to look at what skills are needed.

The build I am following that tells me how much Str and Dex I need for gear (all bonus points to stam) seems to be working out well. In perfect world, str is the defense skill and allows you to wear heavy armor (some dex is also needed).

My barb is now using double hammers. It looks really nice. You only have the one weapon item, but when you equip it, a hammer appears in each hand. Very nice. I like the barbarian armor designs too.

Jumping quests and timed jumping quests, pop up every now and again. These aren’t bad but you can get stuck figuring out how to do them. Guilds really help with these.

I like the scenery too. Its a lot of fun running on the roof tops after a super jump.

One of the quests yesterday had a venomancer who used a love spell to make a human fall in love with her, she freed him from the spell eventually because she believe he did love her, then he ran off and got eaten by snakes. You end up bringing back his armor as a token so she will get over it. However you really have to laugh about how he got eaten by snakes pretty much straight away.


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