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Jade Dynasty: Expansion notes

Posted on: November 13, 2009

First the ascension unlock quest is in the game.

A new NPC named Celestial Tai is standing in Jadeon near Elder Yang. The quest he offers must be completed 1000 times before the Ascension NPC, Taisung the Tao, will appear in Jadeon.

The two new races and classes are live.

Balo: Powerful axe-wielding barbarians. Their skills focus on their incredible physical strength and bloodlust.
Arden: Nimble archers with fox ears and tails. Their skills are nature-based, and focus on summoning a variety of different animals and plants to assist them in battle. Their archery skills can be charged for increased damage.

Sadly they are gender specific not gender specific. Which is a pity good as the arden don’t wear a lot of clothes.

A new area called the Divine Realm is live.

We can turn into monsters like in ether saga. Also we can tame pets from the wild after level 60.

Transformation: You can now equip special Transform Gems that allow you to spend Esper Energy to transform yourself into different monsters.
Capturing Pets: All characters of at least level 60 can learn a new skill that enables them to capture certain rare monsters from the wild, using a net sold by the Pet Tamer.

Achievements are now live.

There is now a garden mini game.

There is a new minigame that allows you to tend a small garden. Plant a wide variety of vegetables and flowers. Visit your friends’ gardens to plant crops in friends-only sections, and even steal their crops!

Over all its a pretty nice free expansion. Lots to explore and a nice lump of new content.

Expansion patch notes can be read.


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