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Perfect World: Wines

Posted on: November 12, 2009

Running around the world watching general chat and wondering what wines are?

What is wine?
Wine is given to the Old Swordsman (in international PW) /the drunken poet, so they kill a lot of the mobs, making the FB quicker to do.

How do I get wine?
Wine Merchant/Brewmaster – West District (West Archosaur)
Mister Tso, slightly north of West Archosaur Banker.

He is usually covered by all of the Kitty Shops selling mats.
You grab the “quest” for the wines, get materials and turn in for your Wine.

What FBs do I need Wine for?
59 and up. Below that its not useful and makes it harder to get your quests done.

How many Wines do I need for a FB?
Usually 2.

This thread helps


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