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Things I want to do before Midwinter

Posted on: November 11, 2009

Get my barbarian in perfect world to 20.
-I like this new class and I like the guild I am in.

Get my lord of the ring minstrel to 35.
-I’m finding leveling through the 20s a bit of a nightmare as a minstrel. I keep dying and running is so slow. I like my guild but I die so often. Maybe I just need to run dungeons (see great barrows) until I ride the dps wave to 35.

Try the ff trial I have.
-I have a trial and got the game cheap. Must try it.

Get back into fallen earth.
-I really like the game in beta. This is a game I know I will come back to.

Get my current Guild Wars character to 20.
-My warrior/monk has been working her way through the levels. So 20 isn’t that far away. I’m doing the newbie thing of doing every quest I see.

I don’t really have goals in the other games I’m playing. I am just playing them for fun as I feel like it. My aion partner finds it hard to find the time to play (new girlfriend).


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