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Champions online: Toys and double dipping

Posted on: October 21, 2009

The new Champions Online store is out.

Its got some cool things, especially the cool action figures.
However you have to wonder, they have enough items that it looks like a normal cash shop.

And if they have a cash shop, why have they a monthly fee? And why would anyone want to pay for both, and a box price too?

Full amount on the box, full monthly fees and a cash shop?
Can I predict now thats not going to work out?

Box plus cash shop for some items = guild wars
Cash shop and 5 local currency membership = free realms
Cash shop and low monthly fee = wizard 101
Box plus monthly fee = aion/wow/war

I don’t know, it seems like Champions Online should just go free to play if they are pushing the cash shop that much.


1 Response to "Champions online: Toys and double dipping"

I don’t know what all the doom and gloom is about micro transactions. The people who don’t like them in my opinion have no understanding of business or how as a consumer they benefit from their entertainment provider making more money.

You don’t have to use the cash store its optional. It provides no direct game play benefit at all. So what you can pay for a retcon with cash, you can pay for it with resources or you can re roll.

As for the cosmetic content whats so different about buying an expansion for 50$ and only experiencing 10$ of the content depending on your game play preferences or paying the company 10$ for that segment of content that interests you.

Micro transactions aren’t a fad they aren’t going to go away and more and more game companies are going to be supplementing subscriptions with them to try to cash in on the revenue they are providing for third party vendors who retail in digital goods and services.

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