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Free Realms: The mystery of Kirill Moonrunner

Posted on: October 20, 2009

This is funny. The character Kirill Moonrunner (the top pet trainner, looks like a human in the card game and an old pixie in the game itself.

There was some wondering if it was due to dark pixie magic?

Is there some sort of secret pixie magic that can transform even the most able bodied humans into tired old pixies? Was Kirill off on some dangerous adventure when he was woefully cursed by some evil spell? Or was Kirill simply a human in game when the TCG art was commissioned and then changed to pixie before launch?

Pex has replied by saying he was hiding as a pixie all along

That’s pretty funny. I just noticed a change in internal release notes where they are going to change the in-game model to match the TCG.

Perhaps Kirill has been using a shape-changing potion in order to hide from his enemies? Who would expect him to be a grizzled old pixie, right?


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