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Ether Saga: The Battle of Xanada

Posted on: October 19, 2009

Check out the feature on the new battleground in ether saga, the battle of Xanada.

The Battle of Xanada is a new battleground that all players level 20 and up can participate in, however it is recommended for high level players. The instance battleground will support up to 500 players.
Players will join one of two sides, and try to help defeat the enemy general

How to join?

Players can obtain War Declaration of Demon or Heaven from the Dweller of Vacuity. The War Declaration that you receive will be random and each War Declaration will put you in a specific team when you join the battleground. The War Declaration of Demon will put you in the Demon side, and the War Declaration of Heaven will put you in the Heaven side.
You can only obtain War Declarations at the following times:
11 AM Server time to 2 PM Server time
6 PM Server time to 8 PM Server time
8 PM Server time to 10 PM Server time
You can only get 1 declaration each time, and can get 3 per day. The declarations do not expire.

You can comment on the new battleground on a thread on the forums.


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