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Free Realms: Trophys

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Be warned when you log in after the update. It will take a while for the game to recognize all your Trophy’s.

Its well done though that the game can recognize so many. However if you were a member and no longer are, it will not recognize your member job trophy’s.

The Trophy’s menu can be found in stuff to do.

What types of Trophy’s are there?

“All trophies” – List all trophies you have and have not earned
“Social” – a list of trophies that involve interacting or using emotes-
“jobs” – Trophies that involve leveling up. etc
“collections” – Trophies that involve collecting objects (currently only world exploration)
“minigames” – Trophies for the minigames such as Tower defense
“Combat” – Trophies that involve doing certain instances/encounters, etc

Answer from the Free Realms insider forum


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