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Free Realms: Style Cards

Posted on: October 16, 2009

Where do I add style cards?

To find where to use style cards, go to my jobs, go to style cards (its beside about me) second to the left.

What slots are there?
Hair Styles.
Hair Colours.
Eye Colours.
Facial hair styles (male only, greyed out for women).
Face paints.
Wing Patterns (greyed out for non-fairys).

What style cards are there?
There is a list up on the free realms wiki in their style cards section.

Where can I buy style cards?
You can buy style cards in the cash shop and from some in game merchants.

Where are the merchants?
The hair style card merchant is Inni Ki in Seaside.
The hair colour style card marchant is Pirri in Pixiewood hills.
The eye colour style card merchant is Riya in Pixiewood hills.
The face paint style card merchant is Orchid in Pixewood hills.
The wing pattern style card merchant is Mystic Glint in Seaside boardwalk.
The facial hair style card merchant is Bandy randy in Seaside.

I can not see them?
I have heard that non members can not see the vendors. Not sure if this is correct.

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