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Free Realms: Better late than never

Posted on: October 16, 2009

The “Spooktacular” Halloween event is out.

Where do I start?
Talk to Halloween Harry on the road to Pixiewood to get started. He looks like a mummy.
Or talk to the Ghost Hunters in Snowhill, Stillwater Crossing and Bristlewood

When does it end?
November 11th, old hallows night.

I want free stuff?
Don’t forget to spin the wheel every day for the Hallowe’en themed prizes.

And remember the Werewolf costume is still limited if you want one.

Here is the description from the Free Realms Insider website.

The Spooktacular event will bring weeks of “spooky activities and festive line events”. The weeks coming will feature:
Thirty five new costumes for your pets and character
Trick or treating in Pixiewood
A special Halloween themed daily wheel
Brand new battle instance in the Bone Bog Cemetery
Great new TCG Quest-lines for a unique Jack O’ Lantern costume or Chiller Boombox
Brand new quests and world events with the goal of defeating the pumpkin prince.
The event will run from October 14th to November 11th and is free to all registered members!

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