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Guild Wars: Horrorween 2009

Posted on: October 14, 2009

Check out this post about Horroween 2009

The Horrorween was an original event first created in 2005
By Mad Queen Malafide,
Although it was not officially known as the Horrorween.

The event aims to bring all those really familiar,
Halloween flavours and fun together.
Alongside your fellow player.

The “King and Queen” was the Alias gained,
When Daniel Frozenwind and Mad Queen Malafide joined up,
And brought the Guild Wars community,
A spate of high quality packed events,
That for the great percentage enjoyed by all.

We implore you to come along and see for yourself,
What fun can be had in Lions Arch on all hallows eve,
I think you will find it will be something unique!

Take a look here for the whole thread.

It really sounds like a fun player ran event.

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