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Champions Online: The Blood Moon Rises

Posted on: October 14, 2009

The Champions Online Halloween event can be found on this blood moon page.

It sounds excellent fun. Champions Online from the beginning has had the fluff proudly mentioned.

Dawn of the Undead Heroes! Takofanes has trapped the souls of the Heroes who fell during the Battle of Detroit and are commanding them to spread ruin across Millennium City! Players who can save all 13 Undead Heroes will unlock the Celestial power set two weeks before anyone else!
BITE! Players will have the chance to join the Wolf Hunters and rid the land of the abominable Werewolves. However, falling to one of the beasts will force you to rise under the curse and become one yourself.
Rise of Takofanes! The Undying Lord has risen, and is appearing throughout Millennium City. Those who are strong enough to defeat his retinue will receive unique perks and rewards only available during the Blood Moon event.
Zombie Apocalypse! A brand new PvP map is here to stay! Survive as long as you can as endless waves of zombies approach, but beware, because those defeated will rise as a zombie and become the enemy.

Note they also have some event-exclusive perks. I am not so sure about the celestial power set being one of them.

In Memoriam: Free all 13 Undead Hero Souls during the Bloodmoon Event to unlock the Celestial Power Set.

Does that mean if someone starts after the event they can use the celestial powers? Hmm not a great plan if that the case.

The toys (little mini pets) are adorable. The werewolf in particular.

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