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Luna Online: Whats a Dating Dungeon

Posted on: October 13, 2009

How do you start a date.

1) Double click the person from the list in the Date Matching window to start a 1:1 chat.

2) Create a party, find this special person and invite him/her. (by making the party you become the party president)

3) Press the “Matching” buttom in the Date Matching window

4) Select what instance you wanna do. The first being for lvl 1-20 and the 2nd being lvl 21-40

Information from this guide on the forums.

Do we have to be boy/girl or can we be boy/boy or girl/girl.
Currently its only boy/girl however they do want to allow any combination.

How often can we do the dating dungeon?
3 times per day

Can we be any level?
Both participants must be in the level requirement or higher

How can I be sure me and my friend can do a date dungeon?
Make sure you have the same likes on your registration card. If possible match age, location, likes and dislikes as then you should have no problem.

Can I change my registration card?
Only with a cash shop item. You need the Residence Card Information Reset Scroll.

There is a guide here on the forums.

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