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Ether Saga: Territory War Rules updated

Posted on: October 13, 2009

Loonie gave a post updating the Territory War rules:

New Territory War Rules:

-Alliances cannot use alt alliances to own territories. If an alt alliance is found owning a territory, punishment may include bans and removal of territory for both the alt alliance and main alliance. An alt alliance is considered an alt when the leaders and most members are alternate characters of the main alliance.

-Alliances cannot use another alliance who is a sub division of their alliance to own territories. A sub division of an alliance is when a alliance is full and create a 2nd alliance to hold players until they have more space.

-Alliances cannot attempt to put up puppet alliances and give them territories in exchange for gold or any other payment. If no payment of any kind is rendered, then alliances can help other alliances.

There is some discussion saying it does not completely resolve all of the issues with territory wars. However it looks like it will be helpful.


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