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Luna Online: Next update is on the 15th

Posted on: October 9, 2009

News is out as promised on the next update.

Luna Online’s third major content update is the biggest yet, featuring the most anticipated features that the Luna community has been asking for!

Our third major update is a big “thank you” to all of Luna’s fans, and includes something for high level players or those just getting started. There’s never been a better time to play Luna Online!

Pets – More than just a cute companion, your Luna Online pet is a full combat ally able to hold its own in battle. Choose how to raise your pet by customizing its skills, gear, costume, and even how it evolves! There’s no need to fight alone with your new pet partner by your side!

Guild Tournaments – Nera Castle’s weekly guild tournament pits guild against guild in the ultimate PvP showdown! Log in, join your friends and battle rival guilds for amazing prizes and the ultimate bragging rights. Think your guild is the best? Prove it!

Kierra’s Lair – New map, new quests, new raid boss. Complete brand new quests in this unexplored region of the Blue Land or team up with allies to take on the evil queen Kierra and her deadly minions for valuable treasure and powerful loot!

Luna’s third content update will be available on Thursday, October 15th, and is just the beginning of the cool stuff coming to Luna in October. Stay tuned for more details on the spooky Halloween festivities starting later this month, and get ready to log in and start the next chapter in your Luna Online adventure!

Pets have been very much talked about. So as you can imagine people are very happy with the news.

The pet guide has been on the forums for some time. Take a look at it and pick your pet. The pets themselves look rather like the pets in neo stream.

You have to level 20 to get a pet so get leveling.


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