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Ether Saga: Win for explorers

Posted on: October 9, 2009

I was playing Ether Saga the other night and I was doing a quest that involves a lot of flying. My character was using the little wings from the cash shop rather than the free cloud.

I love the art style for the landscapes in the game. They are really beautiful. I love all the odd bits and pieces of details you come across. The water wheels, the caves, the colors of the landscapes.

I love the cool pets you can get and the funny things they say. I love how all their random things makes you feel like they are a companion in your adventurers, whether they are saying they are hungry or boasting.

They do the same in jade dynasty too, there the other day my pet told me it was ok, he had been here before and would lead the way.

I love love love the chinese mmorpg’s, for their music, their atmosphere, the things they get really right, the options you have, the easy of play.

There is a quest in Ether Saga that sends you to the top of a waterfall to admire the view. Its a pretty nice view. I like running along the tops of the buildings and dancing up there. I like climbing the mountains and looking at the fish in the streams. I like all the little quests where you help people and they say funny things.

I like how the quests have you say things. I like how your the savior in Ether Saga and enlightened in Jade Dynasty and yet people still want you do small things and try to trick you.


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