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Ether Saga: Update

Posted on: October 7, 2009

Read the patch notes

The Insect quests have been localized now.

– Localization improvements to the “Insect Kindergarten” quest chain
– Localization improvements to the “Drifting Book” quest

See the new mounts here.

– New: Amphibious Explorer (ground mount)
– New: Fishcopter (flying mount)

On October 12th, many students will be celebrating the day that Columbus made his way to the New World (mainly because they enjoy the day off from school). Throughout the Age of Discovery, many other explorers also overcame challenges to reach destinations previously unknown.

In honor of those discoveries we are putting up two mounts for you to use to travel throughout ESO. What discoveries will you make?

Obviously we don’t expect you to travel through the Atlantic Ocean in our mounts with boats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ride in a boat! This is a land mount and will not enable you to ride through the oceans. You also get a little frog person sweeping the road ahead of you.

Columbus had red hair, did you know?

Kharybdis also hinted that we should expect something new this month

Not every week can knock your socks off But rest assured, there’s some new stuff coming up this month, starting with Sky Castle release.

I had a post about the sky castle preview previously.


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