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Luna Online: Where do I find..

Posted on: October 5, 2009

Where do I find a certain drop?

Rare equipment list

Monster drop list

For example if I wanted to find a good shield, I can check the rare drops list and see one drops from the turtle boss in the Gate of Alker.

Turtle Mail Shield
[Seolkata (Turtle Boss) @ Gate of Alker – 21.9%]
Level 21
VIT +6

Or if I wanted to find a new belt, I check and see I need to farm some bears.

Bear Leather Belt
[Brown Bear/Black Bear @ Zakandia Outpost/Zakandia – 0.001%]
Level 25
Physical Defense 5
Magical Defense 6
STR +6
VIT +4
HP +25

Now if you are 6 levels higher than the mob, the chance of getting it is reduced. However if you really really need something, you can delevel and keep your higher level skills and gear and farm for it.

This is actually often done for a good belt, as there is not a lot of the them in the game. This belt is very popular

Belt of Darkness
[Black Gargoyle @ Moonblind Forest – ?]
Level 35
Physical Defense 19
Magical Defense 15
INT +15
WIS +10
HP +50
MP +40

So its worth trying to farm for it when you are at that level.

1 Response to "Luna Online: Where do I find.."

Thanks for your continual coverage of Luna!

There is also a boss locations thread somewhere in the game guide sections of the forums, although I don’t have the url on hand.

I just wanted to say thanks for adding my site to your blogroll, I really respect all your gaming opinions so it’s a real honor 🙂

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