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Jade Dynasty: Blessings of the gods and Gods gift

Posted on: October 2, 2009

You should get the quest Gods Gift” daily from Tanis Ka. Use the items he gives you straight away. With that you have a double xp for 2 hours and two buffs that last 8 hours.

The items he gives you only last 2 hours. The buffs go away if you die, log out or change realm. You can use the items to reapply them if the two hours are not up.

The buffs help you kill quickly and kill tougher enemies.

After the buffs run out (or you die after losing the items) the only other buffs you can get are rented buffs from players (costs about 4-5g each and you have to give a deposit of 50-60 gold to the plyayer). You will not have that kind of money without having a max level character already.

Gods gift stops at 90 which is a pity.

If you have played for a while and done this quest, you can also do a quest for a Lunarshade Stone “Blessing of the gods”.

Every 5 hours you get a stone. These are more important past level 80. You can use them to refill your energy to bot, or to vender them (no price but you get the space in your bag), or to level a skyblade if you have one. They last 6 days in your bags.

Some known bugs

Full bags when accepting quest

How to get rid of the Lunarshade Stone?

Go to a vender and sell them. Start keeping them when you approach level 90.


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