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Ether Saga: New tower of Achievements

Posted on: October 1, 2009

The quest for the pet are now in the game. So its now worth doing the previous tower of achievement quests.

For Insect Kindergarten

The available pets are:
a. Butterfly
b. Grub
c. Chrysalis
d.) The pets received are level 1 and ranked 115+

For Drifting Book

All the player must do is party with at least 2 other players that have completed the Love and Growth quest (and have the title Entomologist). Once the party is formed, the leader can take the quest. After the quest has been accepted, players must wait 10 minutes, and once the 10 minutes has elapsed, all party members will receive the pet ‘Butterfly Love Story’ (which is a weird looking book-creature). The pet received is level 1 and ranked 100+. This quest is repeatable once a week.

The rewards take a long time of grinding but good luck to all.


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