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Aion: Warrior hits 8

Posted on: September 24, 2009

Last night I played warrior, to my friends cleric. We powered through the quests and finished up for the night at about level 8 and a half. We are both eager to get wings again.

The Aion Wiki has a good guide to wings we can get later on and the quests to increase flight time.

The first quest, “Danger Overhead” I remember doing in the beta, and is pretty easy. Just takes a little bit of careful flying or the ability to cast damage spells.

I also got the bad news that that the collectors edition that a friend was buying for me for my birthday was cancelled by the store without telling him. Apparently the 3v voucher ran out and the first attempt to charge it failed, instead of the store asking for another card number, it canceled it without saying anything. Just lovely.

So now we need to reorder and its unlikely to be the collectors addition, which is a pity.

Saying that, I suppose I’m not in the place of the Russian players. Valid keys being sold them then being account blocked? Ouch.

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