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Aion: Logged in

Posted on: September 22, 2009

I managed to get into a server last night and make an Elyos character on a random english speaking server. My friend still has not got his client working yet, so when he is ready we will have to pick servers to play together.

I leveled a scout to level 5 and took in the new atmosphere. A lot of talk about wow, quite a good bit of talk about warhammer.

A few folks where saying that they will play for a while until they hit the level cap and then quit. I’m intending to level some characters to the cap but not engage in the end game (pvp to do pve? eh not interested).

I do hope that the end game is good as otherwise games tend to bleed players, however the general consensus is it takes to long to fix balance issues (as seen in korean Aion).


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