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Luna Online: Talk like a pirate, matey

Posted on: September 18, 2009

A brand new map is now available: Ghost Tree Swamp!

This new water-logged area is a perfect place to play pirate, and features content and monsters perfect players that are level 55-65 or 90-95.

Ghost Tree Swamp is accessible from the Howling Ravine, so log in and head out to the newest zone to explore and conquer!

Something extra to check out.

The Talk Like a Pirate Event has begun!

Starting today, all monsters will be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day by talking like pirates, of course. Luna’s baddies will be speaking like swashbucking soldiers of the seven seas until next Wedesday, September 23rd.

You heard it right, mateys! Thar be monsters playin’ pirate and in need of a besting in Luna! Log in now to join in this event before it disappears back into Davey Jones’ Locker! Arrrrr!

Whoo Hoo. Pirate speaking monsters!


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