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Free Realms: Demographics

Posted on: September 16, 2009

Also from the Virtual World News article, we have demographics stats.

Additionally, Smedley updated some of the game’s demographics, stating 67 percent of players are male and 33 percent are female. “We were shooting for more females, but that’s way better than the MMO audience which is [typically only] 15 percent female,” says Smedley. He added that Free Realms stats show females outpurchase males by a 30-40 percent margin, and that 51 percent of Free Realms gamers are under 13, with around 75 percent under 18.

The game from the beginning has aimed for a 50/50 male/female player split. I hope they keep working at that, because it will make them more money.

I would like to see more interesting and varied female npcs in the game with good story lines. I can see that improving their player base. Its good for people to find people like them in the game.

More options for designing your character will help with this. As people also watch characters that are like them. I know its hard to balance this with budget, but its a big draw.

Their current numbers match what I found playing wow. 1-2 persons in every pug women. However I played on rp servers mainly and most women didn’t hide it and were visible in the community and vocal against any rubbish.

In lotro it seems less, however I am not sure if thats due to in lotro’s its not a good idea to admit being female, the community very heavily assumes male. So players seem to keep it quiet if they are women. I’d put the lotro female player based on the server I play on at around 25% maybe.


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