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Free Realms: 5 Million hit

Posted on: September 16, 2009

Free Realms hits 5 million and gives us some real data to look through.

The interesting data can be found in this article from Virtual World News:

As a result of that focus, the team of five full-time data crunchers found (earlier in the launch) that 40 percent of the people registering were opting out on one particular screen. It seems that asking a 10-year-old for his or her birthday was a showstopper. “Ten-year-olds don’t know what their birth year is,” says Smedley.

When they say this space, do they mean MMO’s or games aimed at a “G” market, at both kids and adults?

other, new games from SOE. “We have other games in this space that are coming next year.” Built on the success of Free Realms, yes, but different games completely, Smedley says.

I hope to its a “G” market, when people create “mature” games, they are rarely mature. However more polished games hitting the market is not a bad thing.

top five marketplace items:
1. Free Realms Digital Booster Pack
2. Humongous Health Potion
3. Skeletal Hoodie
4. Humongous Replenishing Potion
5. Humongous Energy Potion

I see the fact so many health/energy potions are there as a bad thing. Currently the game needs health potions to do combat and larger health potions makes it easier to play (so better for kids). I’d like a year from now those potions gone from the top 5.

And the game’s most popular jobs:
1. Brawler
2. Pet Trainer
3. Demo Derby Driver
4. Kart Driver
5. Chef

I would have though post man might be more popular. However I find there isn’t much to do with the job once you have leveled it to max. Number 3 might be too high as its got new content most recently.

I think many like me will have maxed the job and just left it.

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