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Free Realms: Ninja punch

Posted on: September 10, 2009

I’m slowly working my ninja up to max level. I was jumping around a lot with the combat jobs so none of them had reached very high.

I’ve done the super hard race and I’ve been appreciating the kill x number of y quests to level. Its a whole lot better being pointed to the right mobs then trying to guess. My ninja combat has improved, though it still seems to me like potions are required to defeat 2 star challenges. Especially since even with them I still die at large groups (4+).

I’m currently on the quest, level to 15. I will have to run a few 2 star dungeons to reach that. However having a max level combat job will make life a lot easier so its worth the grind.

I still think the game would be more fun if it returned to the old gold and potion rates. Killing 4 enemies and spending a potion to get 2 gold is very depressing.

The site seems great for collecting the outfits in a certain colour. Handy if you want to collect a set.


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