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Posted on: September 7, 2009

September 4, 2009 – Turbine, Inc. today unveiled The Lord of the Rings Online™: Siege of Mirkwood™, the digital expansion to the award-winning massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). Siege of Mirkwood will expand the online world of Middle-earth where players will join forces to press further eastward into the dark, foreboding and treacherous forest of Mirkwood and take part in the epic conclusion to Volume II of The Lord of the Rings Online. Siege of Mirkwood will be available as a digital download this Fall with an increased level cap, a new region including the legendary evil fortress of Dol Goldur, major enhancements to combat and Legendary Items and the introduction of Skirmishes, a new system where players will train customizable soldiers and take them into battle as part of the War of the Ring

Digital expansion is fine to me, however I hope they also release a disk expansion for those with a not as good connection.

Saying that, I had a terrible time trying to download the trial from Codemaster’s. I wonder if Codemaster’s rather terrible support will make the expansion un-downloadable as well.

The level cap also goes to 65. Which does not mean anything to me considering my current character is working her way to level 24.

Skirmishes a la Warhammer will be added. Not sure how good an idea this is, considering lotro was designed at first with pvp as an after thought. After watching wows killing the pve game for not so good pvp I’d rather not see any pvp in lotros and get my pvp fix elsewhere in games more designed for it.

Or the separation of church and state, or pve and pvp 😉 still seems to be a good tactic.

So while mirkwood is a cool area, the expansion doesn’t really seem well aimed for the majority of lotros pve loving, alt loving, fun loving population.

Now if they had announced they were changing houses to allow more items and giving extra bank space. The entire population of the game would be counting down the days.

Apparently Lotro is following wows change to moun’ts with the new expansion “Horses are a skill in SoM, don’t take up space in your inventory“. Its a nice idea. However I don’t think a small feature or two changes their movement of focus away from Pve.


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