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Guild wars: Linsey Murdock/Journal

Posted on: September 3, 2009

I can’t remember if I mentioned this, however its very interesting.

Linsey Murdock/Journal

Under these circumstances, we’ve seen this player base react in extreme ways to show us the flaws of the format. We’ve seen a metagame in which rolling dice or playing rock-paper-scissors has determined the outcome of a match. The final round of the Monthly Tournament was purposefully thrown month after month to send us a message.

After the Anniversary Update, we decided to take on the problems of Hero Battles for the next content update. Many different options were discussed, but unless we were talking about making major changes to the format, every option seemed like mere band-aids that wouldn’t truly fix the core issue. As a small team, it’s not healthy or wise for us to invest our limited time in projects which just create more work for no substantive effect. With that in mind, we focused our attention on ways to change the format and generated a bunch of ideas for this. A simple truth emerged: to fix Hero Battles, we would need to virtually redesign the entire format.

Its quite a good view into what they are thinking and what changes they are planning to make. I get a sense that its going to be a similar schedule to many f2p games. Rare updates by a small team but solid changes.

Also worth reading: Regina Buenaobra/Journal


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