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Champions Online: Pose

Posted on: September 2, 2009

Biobreak said

In an unrelated question, is there some reason why the default setting for females in Champions is “porn star”? All females start out with the maximum bust size and the “vixen” pose, free of charge.

I noticed this too. So did my partner. So did everyone I showed character creation too. I think the answer is an idiot somewhere in Cryptic. Or more likely one idiot who designed it, one idiot to signed off on it and one idiot who tested it.

Anytime I made a character the first thing I did was turn down the breasts and undo the pose. Then I could think about designing a character.

This sort of mistake is based off the idea that women, like anyone non-american or non-wasp does not really exist, therefore do not need to be inspired by your hero game.

Its worth pondering the depths of dumb that shows.

Its funnier based on the fact that more women play computer games, and that mmorpgs in some countries are the most popular games played by women (wow is the top girls game in sweden for example).


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