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Fallen Earth: Beta continues

Posted on: August 26, 2009

I noticed on MMotaku that the fallen earth launch was put back to the 15th of September. I had not heard about that.

I heard on the newbie channel in the game last night that they are doing a prelaunch. According to their website open beta ends on the 29th of August

I’m enjoying the game, and would like to have got to play longer than 3 more days however the call has been made.

So far the game is worth trying. You may like it enought to subscribe. I like it a lot, but I enjoy LOTRO more and a friend has already ordered AION for me so I will not have the time to play it for a while.

For those who do not like random pvp. There is pvp zones you can accidently stumble into. When that occurs you can be killed for 5 minutes once its triggered. So I know for some, like tobold that would be a big no no. On an happier point Ether Saga brought in pve servers so they no longer have this issue.

For any planing to pick it up who have not played. The early launch people should flood the auction house with cheaper player made goods, but do check the prices compared to vender. When I checked today the auction was more expensive then buying the recipe and farming the items.

Do grave rob. It gives items that are used for healing and starting equipment. If you really feel bad about it you can try cactuses or the auction house. However its the sort of game where they have encouraged this.

Do not think to hard about where some of the items come from. Its better that way. You can loot diggers (zombies) and graves. Think of the leather as from a rug or coffin, you will creep yourself out if you think of some sources.

There is also some help files if you type /support. The newbie channel is as helpful as eve. However the community is not great. Some people are there to gank, and some will have you typing /ignore very fast.

For those who do not like wandering into bosses by accident, do not walk up to a mob without checking level. Right beside starting level mobs there are some higher level named mobs. You can run away, but it depends on how far they chase and how much damage they do per hit. Crushing damage like from old wow, is in affect.

For those who do not like killing dogs there are wild dogs but they seem to be skipable.

There are lots of quests but grinding is not punished and you get lots of items from that.

Weapons and armour are made more than found. I have not found any so far but I have made several pieces of armour and equipment.

There is a death penalty from level 5 on. It takes a while to get to this point but be warned. /unstuck counts as a death after the tutorial.

The Fallen Earth Team is throwing an Apocalypse Party. Join us on Saturday, August 29, from 3 to 6 p.m. ET (GMT-4), for in-game food, drinks and entertainment while you collect up to seven login prizes that are redeemable after launch.

Every player logged in on the half hour mark, beginning with 3 p.m. ET, will receive one Beta Clone Psychoactive Shot, a special item that grants the user +15 percent experience earned for one hour (persistent through death). For example, if a player is logged in from 2:45 p.m. ET through 6:15 p.m. ET, he or she will receive seven Beta Clone Psychoactive Shots, redeemable on the live servers after launch.

Additionally, four locations in the Grand Canyon Province will have special vendors selling Apocalypse-related food and drink items at cheap prices, such as Pandemic Potato Chips, Pale Horse Ale and the Oranges of Annihilation, each of which has a related buff. Several devs, including Alec Masters, will also be in attendance.


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