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Champions Online: Sadness

Posted on: August 26, 2009

I think Cryptic release of Champions Online have made a lot of mistakes.

1. Offering subs then taking them away.
2. Having an end of beta event, thats only really geared to the american time zones and poorly published and accessable elsewhere. Anyone see any mention of at what levels you could find the enemies? Where to find them in the city? What times they were appearing in the different time zones? I didn’t and I didn’t get to take part.
3. Compounding the end of beta problems by having items drop that carry into the main game. You couldn’t stay up till 3am, you lose!
4. Having a closed open beta, then opening it to all for such a short time, many had it barely downloaded (I wasn’t one of these but I know someone in that situation).

Some of these are a bit obvious as mistakes go. Not a great sign from the company.


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