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Ether Saga: Titles

Posted on: August 25, 2009

How Do I get a title?
Complete certain quests. The wiki link below has some of them.
Many of these are from the notice board quests. Just by doing those you will get some.

The wiki page on titles is very good.

I did not get my title?
Some of the titles are bugged and the gms apparently can not help to give them.

Can I get a deleted Title back?
Apparently not. I read orange titles permanently replace the other Scruffins titles.

Scruffins titles?
You can get many Title Quests from General Scruffins and his only requirements is your character level. Don’t worry when you give wrong answers. You can get the quest in another day.

Pushover title/No Dupers title.
You get this quest from Kak’ash the Sword Keeper to kill boa. The quest is “Request From Sword Keeper”. To get the Pushover title kill the boa (or some say trash the quest straight away). To get the No Dupers title talk to the  alchemist and mention the quest giver was acting odd.

Brother of God title.
You need red pixie transforming card. Then use this card to transform, then check your available quest, there should be new quest under storage quest beside the regular three (puzzle pieces), named red light quest. Some other cards also give titles.

The Quiz quests.
You can find the quiz quest answers here.


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