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Lotro: Do not help

Posted on: August 24, 2009

Healing while not fellowed will cut the other party’s exp reward by 50%.

Hmm didn’t know that. Better be careful to only heal if the other person is down to 1/4 health or so.

There is a whole thread on why not everyone likes help.

Its especially important not to heal wardens.

Wardens have a gambit called the Dark Before the Dawn, which will restore some power, and is spammable. However you need to below half of your total morale to use it. So if we’re in a long solo fight and know we’ll need the power, we tend to try to ‘morale surf’, keeping our morale close to half. We could heal ourselves up, but we choose not to.

However I am not sure why lotro as a world is against players helping each other. Seems a bad idea.


2 Responses to "Lotro: Do not help"

To stop powerleveling?

Maybe. However I’m not sure its worth this. There should be a better method.

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