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Fallen Earth: Brown and shades of grey

Posted on: August 23, 2009

Even though Champions Online has followed Fallen Earth into open beta and we are now a two beta account household for the game. I spent a good bit of time playing Fallen Earth.

Unlike Champions Online, Fallen earth very quickly hits you with complexity. After you are through the excellent tutorial (that is skipable) with a great story you enter the world with a choice of start zones.

There you have to make your way through the choice of crafts, choice of skills and stats and how to upgrade. Plank of wood I found to be the best of a bad lot of starter weapons. My mighty Plank of wood has taken down a lot of diggers, dog packs and goons that name themselves after dogs.

I do still wonder why dead bodies are being left in the town, rather than burned and buried like any normal society. Dead bodies left in the open spread disease in a very quickly to figure out way. No society in the world doesn’t learn this very very quickly.  Even assuming the people did not know this to start (with science teachers this would be odd) after a short bit they should learn this.

And why the run down houses are not repaired or white washed/wood stained, I am confused about. But perhaps that due to not being very far removed from people who lives where shaped what they did not have. I do not assume just because people do not have shops that they do not try to make their homes and clothes nice.

Some day maybe some one will make a game where the population are shown as attempting to improve their lives from what they do have access to.

In Fallen Earth I’m finding it still more hopeful and interesting than fallout. Many people are working towards improving their lives (inconsistently or not). The skills and crafting remind me of eve in a good way. The factions also remind me of eve. You start however as neutral, choice of faction comes later.  There is an option to stay neutral throughout however.

For those who do like worlds reborn after disastor, I point you towards this Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou which if not licensed in your country can be read for free. Also very old style and interesting though hard to see is Wind’s of Amnesia and Blue Submarine No 6. Heartbreakingly sad is When the wind blows.

I’d also recommend Andre Nortans work in the genre (Ex Star Mans Son/Daybreak-2250 A.D, The Stars are Ours). Others to read are The postman (book is better than the films), The Day Of The Triffids, Califias Daughters, Into the Forest, Eternity Road and the Amtrack Wars series.

You can see a childhood spent reading Dystopian novels, Fantasy, Pure Sci Fi and Post Apocalyptic novels in these words. 🙂

I know the fanboy thought of the day is that fallout is the best thing ever, but believe me, read around in the genre and you might agree with me that there are more inspiring worlds. More games and books striking out to new news would be a positive thing. Every world does not need to be brown and grey to be interesting and Post Apocalyptic. Post Apocalyptic can mean jungle, plains, water or forest. Some is sad, some is hopeful (mostly I like hopeful more than sad).


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