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LUNA online: August release

Posted on: August 21, 2009

The new website about the release that Sap promised is out.

# New Level Cap: 99 – 19 levels of new stats, skills, and adventure await as you continue your journey to be the top of the level up class!
# New City: Nera Castletown – Become an Alker Harbor exchange student and visit the Blue Land’s next major city, a huge castle filled with new areas, characters, and items.
# New Maps: Valley of the Fairy, Distorted Crack – Take a field trip to brand new maps waiting to be explored and conquered.
# Tarintus – How about some PE? Pick your team of 8 and face the Blue Land’s most feared enemy, the dragon Tarintus!

Sap also promised that another major update will be on the 27th August.

The Permanent Costumes are coming out.  Coming on the 27th are “The Traditional Chi Pao Costume, Shinigami Costume, Racing Instincts Costume, and Twinkling Pajamas!”

I’m not really interested in school/pajamas. I would be interested in traditional and shinigami ones. My main already has her beta test outfit but alts like cool outfits too.


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