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Free Realms: Speedy Kicks News

Posted on: August 20, 2009

Free Realms insider has been doing some research into whats happening with the speedy kicks. They got some news but its not good news.

After verifying that there was no doubt that my new kicks were behaving differently than my friends’ kicks, I submitted a support ticket. After some research by the referee, I received the final ruling, which concerned me deeply.

After doing some further research into this situation I have found that the “old” Speedy Kicks are set at a level 13 speed buff and will remain at that level. Any Speedy kicks gained after the update will be set at level a 11 speed buff. Items may change from time to time as we adjust the balance of the game. Considering the players that have already become accustomed to the “old” kicks, we have decided not to apply any changes to Speedy Kicks that are already in-game. I’m glad you brought this issue to our attention. Sorry for any confusion this has caused you. Thanks for playing Free Realms!

I really regreat now not making the time to go the collections for them. However I am more sorry for the kids that didnt have them yet and wont ever get a pet. Constently lagging behind friends as you run around the game must be very sad.

And sadest of all, the point made about this is now very true

* Age discrimination – Anyone not between the ages of 13-17 aren’t eligible for Free Agent program.
* Nationality discrimination – Anyone not in the US cannot participate in the Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs event, nor the new Duelist on Demand feature.
* Newbie discrimination – Anyone who didn’t earn the Rudolfo’s Speedy Kicks before August 14th has a lesser version of the original

I really think SEO should rethink this. And only have events everyone can do and not discrimination against ages, nationality and new players.

Players are happier when our friends can get what we can get and when they don’t feel left out. Those players that don’t want this, are spoiled children who should be taught sharing is fun.


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